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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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potential case of cyberharassment. jo kelly, a friend of petraeus says she was receiving anonymous threatening e-mails. the fbi traced the e-mails to paula broadwell, and in the progress figured out she and petraeus had had an affair. a former spokesperson said this. >> the affair started approximately two months after he was in the cia and it ended about four months ago. >> reporter: according to officials, the fbi didn't report the incident to petraeus's boss, the congress or the president until concluding its investigation last week. the president accepted petraeus's resignation friday. >> it is very puzzling, and i think was a mistake because this thing just came so fast and so hard. and since then, it's been like peeling an onion. >> reporter: national security expert roger cressey is defending the fbi. >> once the fbi concluded there was no security breach there was nothing more. >> reporter: cressey says he is more concerned what happens next
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as congress investigates the attack in benghazi and libya. as of now without testimony from petraeus. asking cia director will testify about benghazi later this week in petraeus's point. but at some point they will likely call on the retired four-star general to testify. danielle leigh, nbc bay area news. >> danielle, thank you. from teenagers now to the multimillionaires, concussions do not death row inmate interstate. alex smith spoke with a neurologist today after getting knocked out of yesterday's game. smith actually stayed in the game for about six plays after the damaging blow to his head. despite having blurry vision, threw a touchdown pass to michael crabtree. he was one of three quarterbacks with concussions yesterday. once again football safety on all levels is in if headlines this evening. damian, this is a growing dlimia, especially for college and high school players. >> reporter: it is, raj. and you remember before the
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coaches and trainers would give smelling salts to the injured player to get them coherent again, then they would throw them back on the field. the rules are strict now, both for the pros and the amateurs. alex smith was hit in the back of the head during sunday's game against the rams. coaches removed him from the game after realizing he suffered a concussion. lamon knows what it's like to get your bell rung as a san jose state spartan. >> i was out for two weeks, and when i came back, everything was good. but during the two weeks i had a lot of migraines, a lot of daze, everything -- some days it was blur waking up. it's serious. it's not a good thing. >> reporter: it's up to the spartans sports medicine director to see the symptoms of a concussion and pull the player off the court or the field. >> very proactive. we do baseline testing with all of our student athletes that are in a contact sport so that when a concussion does happen, then
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we are testing them after that to make sure they get back to their baselines. >> reporter: the player must pass a series of medical tests before being allowed back in uniform. the same goes for pop warner and any high school sport. no player is allowed back on the field until a doctor clears him or her, which is what scott silver did with one of his youth football players a few weeks ago. >> about a month ago we had a kid get hurt. he had a concussion. he landed on his head hard on the turf and let's take him out. but he is all right now. he hasn't played since. >> reporter: silver says he constantly makes sure the gear his kids wear pass mandated safety guidelines. lemon says he has felt no side effects from his concussion two years ago. now he is trying to prove that to the scouts and shows he belongs in the nfl. and coach jim harbaugh said that alex smith is feeling much better today, that he is
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improving. obviously, a concern for all of those involved in athletics. we're live at spartan headquarters, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> yes, a dangerous sport. damian, thank you so much. a name synonymous with the silicon valley is now wanted for murder in belize. 67-year-old john mcafee founded the santa clara anti-virus company that bears his name. he sold the company years ago for millions of dollars and then retired to the central american country of belize. well, tonight police are searching for mcafee after finding his neighbor shot to death this past sunday. 52-year-old gregory fall was also a u.s. national who had retired in belize. police have not released a motive, but the website reports the men were at odds. the neighbor had filed a complaint last week against mcafee for firing off guns. it was a gruesome discovery in the east bay. a dying man stuffed in a trash can. the woman who lives at this home on tenth street in union city found the man yesterday morning,
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slou slouched inside of a bin that someone left in her driveway. she immediately recognized the man as 21-year-old joshua perez, a long-time friend of the family. he was still alive, but unresponsive. he died later at the hospital. hi, was a good uncle. he was a good brother to me. he was a good son. he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. >> union city police are not calling this a homicide, rather a suspicious death. investigators and family believe that perez had been out drinking with friends on saturday night, and are looking into weather alcohol and the cold weather played a role in his death. the autopsy is tomorrow. homeless disabled veterans are getting a new permanent place to live in san francisco. and today they got a preview. this building south of market underwent a $30 million makeover with local, state and federal funds. the nonprofit swords to plowshares is helping to run it. it features 75 studio apartments each with a kitchen and bomb.
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they house counselors, a nurse, cooking and wellness classes. >> this is for vets. and it's going to be veteran-oriented. and it's going to be a lot of other vets around me. and this is a whole different vibe. and i have my own bathroom, my own kitchen. it's really exciting. >> the vets pay 30% of whatever their income is. move-in day is expected in the coming weeks. the high-end hype is turning into low-end bitterness. too much traffic and too many headaches. who is to blame? the new outlet in livermore is a nightmare for many people living in the area. their daily errands taking two to three times longer. kris sanchez joins us in livermore to look at the problem and only the solutions. this is less than a week old and already a lot of controversy. >> reporter: we're talking about four days here, raj. and though there are no hard numbers on the increase in traffic here along interstate 580 in livermore, because it's a holiday, we can tell you that traffic is heavy even for a
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holiday day where there is lighter traffic. and that is a lot of concern for people who are commuting and also for people who just want to shop. lots of smiling faces at livermore's paragon outlet mall. fewer smiles among commuters saw their drive times multiply since the 130-store mall opened on thursday. >> took me about 45 minutes extra to get home the other night from the city just because it was complete stop and go. it's not very fun right now. i'm hoping the novelty dies off soon. >> it took me about 45 minutes to get home from there to my house one night when usually it should only take about five minutes. >> reporter: this is chopper video of the backup on interstate 580 on thursday, the first day of shopping. we were at a near stand still approaching the exit to the mall at 2:00 today, what is a holiday for many people. the california highway patrol says that the volumes come down from the peak, but is still nowhere near normal. and that means more time in the car for christina stoneham, whose work and family takes her
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from tracy to pleasanton in castro valley. >> i had to go all back routes on the way home because it was still packed on the way home. >> reporter: the chp says that they along with local police and caltrans continually assess traffic hot spots like this one, while many of the commuters are hoping the traffic will die down soon along with the novelty of the mall, one said the shopping traffic does have an upside. >> it's tough when you live out here. it's tough to deal with the traffic when you have nothing to do with it. but at the same time, it does bring a lot of employment opportunities. it does give people a lot of jobs. >> reporter: now neither the chp nor local police say that they have -- can report an increase in fender-benders related to the increased traffic. but i will say that livermore police say that they have gotten a larger number of calls from people who are looking for directions to the mall. police say please look that up before you hit the road. in livermore, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, kris. still to come at 5:00, why that ipad may not be so bad for your vision after all. plus, could there be a link
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between fever and flu during pregnancy and autism? i'm marianne favro. i'll break down the latest research, coming up. and some sex accusations hit "sesame street." why the voice behind elmo might be looking for a new job tonight. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco where we're helping to kick off our annual holiday food drive at over 160 safeway stores. we're making it easier than ever. how you can help your neighbors in need. coming up, that plus a seven-day forecast that has plenty of rain in it just minutes away.
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back to the bargaining table in the hopes of settling a food fight. union reps for striking grocery workers at raley's and nob hill markets met with her employers today. both sides are at odds over wages and benefits. the supermarket chain says it needs to eliminate certain
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health care benefits to compete in the marketplace. but workers say they cannot afford to go without these health care benefits that raley wants to take off the table. there are about 40 stores in the bay area affected by this strike. the union says the picket lines will continue until a deal is made. the latest medical advice for people with certain vision problems, get to an eye doctor, and then get an ipad. electronic tablets like an ipad may help improve reading ability for people with macular degeneration and similar vision problems. the macula, the part of the eye that you're used to look at something directly to read it. because electronic tablets are back-lit, the light comes directly from the source, making it ease dwroer read. users can adjust the contrast to sharpen and brighten letters. experts say there is no evidence that reading from screens can damage eyes further. this research was conducted by a school in new jersey. it venice is 80% under water
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after heavy rain. canals and rivers are spilling over their banks. the reason is a stronger than usual high tide. the multibillion flood system under construction for eight years was supposed to be finished by this year, but lack of funding has pushed completion back to 2016. global warming is shrinking california's snowpack. the study is predicting the snowpack will decrease over the next 30 years. the lower snowpack could cause several problems. among them, it threatens our drinking water supply, it causes the snow to melt too early, which could lead to spring flooding and robs us of runoff later in the year when crops need irrigating the most. in health matters, a new study links fever during pregnancy with an increased risk of a woman having an autistic baby. the research showed the risk doubled. marianne favro takes a closer look at the study and what bay area pediatricians say moms to-be can do to protect their children. >> reporter: researchers
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analyzed the information from 97,000 mothers, and they found the increased risk of having a child with autism was linked to how long a woman had a fever during pregnancy. researchers found children of mothers who reported suffering from the flu had twice the risk of being diagnosed with autism before age three, and children whose mother had a fever more more than seven days during pregnancy had a three-fold risk. >> with fever there is a concern that there might be an increased risk of autism. just like with the hot tub where they tell pregnant women don't get your body hot, with prolonged fever, it may affect the developing fetus. >> reporter: but pediatrician dr. christine also cautions mothers to put the new research into perspective. >> the rate in the study was 1 in 100. the study that with influenza the rate goes to 2 in 100 is twice as much autism, but the numbers are still very, very small. >> reporter: she says the take-home message is for
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pregnant women. a reminder, they should get flu shots to protect their babies. at the pacific autism center for education in santa clara, executive director kurt cautions the study doesn't offer a specific cause of the developmental disability, and may unnecessarily alarm mothers. >> as the study shows, there are a lot of cases where parents or women had been affected by the flu or had a cold and never contracted a case of autism in their child. so it's really important with the statistical studies of this nature to not get alarmed. >> reporter: still, it is a closer look at how potential outside factors may play a role in autism. fever is produced by acute inflammation, and this study may open the door to more research into weather inflammation can be linked to autism. the study also revealed women who had common maternal ailments like respiratory infections or urinary tract infections were no more likely to have a child with autism than women who did not
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have these infects. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we have something very special going on. we're kicking off our annual food drive this week with our partners at safeway. and our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us in san francisco where to give us the details here? >> reporter: that's right. going back to my roots as a grocery bagger back in high school. we're out here at the safeway store right across from the ballpark, as you mentioned. there is a lot of buzz. right now we're getting ready to partner up with safeway in our annual holiday food drive. we're making it easier than ever there is that two-sided coin throughout the holidays as you fill up for thanksgiving, christmas, and also hanukkah there is going to be a lot of people that just don't have enough to even get through the next day with the meal. so that's why we want to come out to your local safeway stores and help your neighbors in need. joining us is wendy gutshaw. wendy, you guys have been huge partners in this. how is this year going to help out our neighbors? >> well, you know, safeway is
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proud to be a partner of nbc bay area with our help us in hunger campaign. in over 165 stores throughout the bay area will be part of this campaign to help those in need during the holiday season. >> and these bags, they have some new items in it compared to last year. can we go over some of the items you'll get for a $10 donation? >> sure. each bag will have one of these items, which includes a vegetable, cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, our kraft stove top stuffing mix and kraft nabisco crackers. each of these are available at the store where customers come and pick up the bag and bring to it the register to make a donation. >> so you stick it in your carts. and they scan it right at the register so it makes it so easy. i know last year we raised over a half million with safeway and also nbc bay area. and of course we're looking to break that goal. how many pounds was it we had scanned at the register? >> last year we had over 400,000 pounds.
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and each bag serves about a family of four. >> that is phenomenal. come down to your safeway. we're doing this not only on saturday with the annual food drive, be you can come tonight and make an early donation. >> november 14th through november 25th and then november 17th is the volunteer day with nbc bay area. >> we appreciate you having us out here in your beautiful store. i'm probably will get to bagging groceries soon and we'll start passing these things out. let's get a look at our weather graphics throughout the next 72 hours. we're going to see more changes coming our way. you can see right now it's been cold and crisp here across a lot of the bay area with temperatures in the upper 50s, and also low 60s. cold in san rafael with just 54 degrees. and over the next 48 hours, we have a cold front moving off to the north. that's going to be dissipating. and here comes high pressure. it's not going to get hot. not even warm. we're going to call it mild here as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday. at the coastline, we'll find a little bit of the fog. temperatures in the 50s ants 60s and also plenty of sunny skies.
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for the interior valleys, 60s and also low 70s. and for the morning hours, it has been downright cold the past couple of days. you have been scraping ice off the windshields in the north bay. we'll find upper 30s and plenty of low 40s to the east and the south bay, into livermore, pleasanton, walnut creek. also into san jose. and for our daytime highs, it will be a little bit warmer here on tuesday with 69 expected in livermore. 70 in south san jose. 67 in san jose by the airport. 66 in san francisco. and also mid- to upper 60s in the north bay. let's go ahead and get a look at the donation drive again, how you can help. you can come out to the safeway stores starting tonight, all the way through the next couple of weeks. get the $10 prepaid bags. you pick one up. they scan at the register, and they are good to go. you have made your donation to help out your neighbors in need. you can also go to nbc bay area and look up many more opportunities. we keep it dry all the way through friday. and then the showers start to arrive.
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and we get more rain in here friday, saturday, sunday, and also on monday. so with a little bit of wet weather coming on saturday we know you like to come out and do all your shopping. it is all about the safeway. here is the great part, you guys at home. you get to see the one and only janelle wang. look at that beautiful poster up there. she is doing a little bagging. >> photo shop. i love photo shop. >> look at, this raj, there you are. >> handsome. >> thanks, jeff. you'll be at the safeway on saturday, right? >> yeah. you know, you not only get to see the poster, but you get to see us in person this saturday. you might get to see me at this one by the ballpark. >> we'll be down in menlo park. >> we'll be in menlo park. thank you, jeff. still ahead, a milestone for women. the latest place where the gender gap is getting smaller. and first chicken. now coffee. why guy marriage activists have set their sights on starbucks. stay with us. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health.
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it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. a severe traffic alert to tell you about. these are live pictures from our
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nbc chopper, where there is a car pinned underneath a big rig. this is on highway 4 westbound. the g street exit in antioch. this happened just after 5:00. the car apparently collided with the back of the big rig. it actually got set on fire. no word on the conditions of the driver or any passengers inside. of course, traffic just reopened. but it's slow going on highway 4 westbound near the g street exit. so severe traffic alert issued right now. you can see emergency crews on the scene investigating. of course we'll keep you posted if there are any updates. keep it here on nbc bay area. more news now. an anti-guy marriage group wants to punish starbucks for its support of same-sex marriage. they're going after the coffee chain and launching a boycott in the middle ace. it's targeting that region because of wide opposition to guy marriage there. starbucks is also looking to grow its business in the middle east and india. the announcement came last week
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after voters in starbucks in the home state of washington legalized same-sex marriage. the puppeteer who performs elmo on "sesame street" is taking a leave of absence after having a relationship with a 16-year-old boy. 62-year-old kevin clash insists he broke no laws and the relationship was between two consenting adults. sesame's workshop says its own investigation cleared him, but it is suspending him for its policy on internet use. other puppeteers are prepared to fill in for clash during his absence. clash is usually behind the scenes as elmo oh voice. he published his autobiography and was the subject of a documentary just last year. >> and we'll be back in a moment.
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the gender gap is narrowing on the roadways.
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now it's reversed. the university of michigan found more women than men are now driving. in 2010, more than a million more licenses were issued to women than men. an author of the study says the trend could change the landscape of the auto industry as women are more likely to buy smaller, safer, and more fuel-efficient cars. >> more women than men. >> more women. >> stay away from any comments on that. thanks for joining us this evening. "nightly news" is next. we'll see you for more local news at 6:00. >> good night. see you then. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. on our broadcast tonight, the fallout from the petraeus scanda


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